In the two previous articles in this series of three, I discussed the weaknesses of the political order in Wales. The first analysed the quietism of our political culture under the shadow of partisanship, and the second discussed the underlying trends that render our politicians so averse in practice to…

The Withering of “Welshness”

‘Smelling out a Rat’ by James Gillray, 1790 — An Image of Richard Price © Trustees of the British Museum

In a previous essay, I wrote about the political quietism that afflicts the Welsh political culture of Labour’s one-partyism, and how this has become an even more pronounced problem during this current crisis. Since then, with anxiety increasing, conditions worsening, and anger rising, there has been a noticeable change in…

Cover Image: Antigone (La Petite Vermillon) — Jean Anouilh

No doubt all of us have been trying to make sense of recent events in Wales, as we face what is hopefully, but not necessarily, a once-in-a-lifetime-crisis. …

Huw L Williams

Academic. Cymraeg. Politics of the Left. Philosophy. Bois y Dole.

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